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Prevent security threats and attacks on your serverless and containerized applications while they're running. Protects you from threats overlooked by other security measures such as firewalls and antivirus software.
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RASP: a better way to protect your apps

Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) is an approach to application security that involves embedding security controls within the application runtime environment and provides the following benefits
Real-time threat detection and response
Provides real-time detection and response to attacks that occur during application runtime. By embedding security controls within the application itself, AppDefender can identify and mitigate security threats without relying on external systems or services.
Comprehensive protection
Protects against a wide range of attacks, including zero-day exploits, injection attacks, cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, and other common web application vulnerabilities.
Reduced false positives
Reduces the number of false positives that are generated by traditional security solutions. By analyzing application behavior in real-time, AppDefender can differentiate between legitimate user actions and malicious activity.
Increased application performance
Improves application performance by reducing the overhead associated with traditional security solutions. Because AppDefender is embedded within the application runtime environment, it can perform security checks more efficiently and with less impact on application performance.
Simplified security management
Simplifies security management by providing a single point of control for application security. By embedding security controls within the application itself, AppDefender eliminates the need for external security appliances or services.
Insider threat protection
In addition to north-south (external) traffic, AppDefender also monitors and protects your application's east-west (internal) traffic. This is a key advantage of RASP vs Web Application Firewalls (WAF) because WAFs only protect north-south traffic.
Zero-day protection
Continuous, always-on application behavior introspection thwarts zero-day exploits and reduces your operational costs associated with unplanned zero-day patching and remediation.
Improved compliance
AppDefender helps organizations meet compliance requirements by providing real-time monitoring and protection against known vulnerabilities and threats. AppDefender generates audit logs and other compliance-related reports.


application protection

Always-On Security

Policy groups allow for any combination of Grant, Observe, Deny actions to be enforced at runtime by your application for the following policies:
  • Outbound Network Connections: prevents data leakage to external 3rd parties
  • File System Read/Write: ensures your application data is truly ephemeral
  • Child Processes: prevents malware, ransomware, and data corruption
    single pane of glass

    Single Pane of Glass

    Simplify managing security for *ALL* of your applications across *ALL* of your cloud providers, data centers, etc. thanks to Extrinsec's responsive, intuitive web application.

    SecOps, DevOps, and Engineering teams can easily update security policies, search events, perform forensic analysis, configure alerts, run reports, and manage users.


      All security events are, at a minimum, written to your application logs

      Security events can also be streamed to our event store and you can perform lightning fast, faceted, full-text search over billions of events for forensic analysis, audit trails, reports, and data exports.

      Monitoring all of your security events in one place wouldn't be complete without the ability to know when critical security events arise. AppDefender allows you to create monitors that actively check, in real-time, your security events steam and notify you immediately when your configured thresholds are exceeded.
        cloud native

        Cloud Native

        Provides real-time protection and visibility for your legacy, api, and microservice applications running in the following environments: serverless functions, containers, virtual machines, kubernetes, and Platform-as-a-Service providers (, Heroku, Render, etc).

        AppDefender's advanced observability capabilities inspect what is happening within running workloads and can automatically block or restrict unapproved activity, ensuring complete protection against both known threats and zero-day exploits.

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